Compliance testing and CE marking

All products need to pass some sort of compliance testing and certification before they can be legally released to market. For most sectors, this compliance comes in the form of a mark on the product itself such as CE, FCC or an e mark (in the automotive industry).

There are different compliance rules in different parts of the world, so when a product is released world-wide, it needs to be measured against the various compliance requirements in each territory.

The mark indicating compliance in EU and the UK is the CE mark. This mark indicates that the manufacturer has made a Declaration of Conformity (DofC), a self-certificate that indicates the standards that a product has been tested against. The DofC must be publicly and easily available.

Cubik finalising the electronic assembly into products


When a product is being released to the market it cannot be sold without passing a form of compliance testing and certification. Find out more about the product testing required and the product marks you should have on your product to sell in the UK and Europe.

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