Physical Product Prototyping

What is a prototype? There are almost an unlimited number of answers to that seemingly simple question.

For partner Amalgam Modelmaking, a prototype is usually a physical object or mechanism, but to others it can be a purely electronic or virtual thing. Fundamentally any prototype is a development tool. A means to an end. A way of thinking through problems and answering the many questions that inevitably arise when developing something new. A problem-solving exercise if you will – and often something that can initially raise more questions than it answers. Yet it is better such questions are confronted earlier on than later.

Amalgam developing a model prototype


No matter how simple the idea or project, the chances are you will need several prototypes.

Beyond the really simple “quick and dirty” processes lie a whole raft of test rigs, non-functional, semi-functional, fully functional, appearance, colourways and pre- production prototypes – all helping to refine the eventual design of any product.

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