The smart thermostat for affordable housing

Switchee Ltd is a Bristol & London based company that has developed a smart thermostat solution that is aimed at social housing to reduce energy bills.

The intelligent device learns the routine of the household, knowing when the house isn’t occupied, and turns the heating on or off accordingly. The device does not require complex interaction or configuration for the user and allows valuable data to be gathered remotely.

Cubik Innovation were originally approached to assist with the development of software drivers for the smart thermostat.
This quickly evolved into a larger scheme of work, incorporating PCB design and prototype manufacture, alongside firmware development. To make Switchee a really smart thermostat, the design utilises the following technologies:

An exploded view of the Switchee assembly

From the initial involvement with driver generation, Cubik were subsequently engaged to help with the following aspects:

  • Update and improvement of the electronic design and layout of the existing PCB using Altium Designer
  • Development of the embedded application
  • Interfacing to the cloud server software developers
  • Design for CE approval
  • EMC analysis and improvement
  • Prototype batches of complete units including mechanical assembly
  • EMC and safety testing through our approved, external supplier
  • Assistance with CE Marking
  • Batch production of the product at 300 Off

The Internet of Things and smart devices continue to transform our homes, workplace and daily lives. As interest and development around data transfer, cloud-based applications and clever hardware increases, the market place for such products advances quickly.

During the product development cycle, the Switchee unit evolved in its technical complexity and functionality owing to market demand.