Slide RESOURCES Tools and resouces to guide you through some of the steps to get your product to market.

The Design Process

Once you have identified a market opportunity, how do you go about making your product a reality and getting it onto the market? Our guides will help with some of the key steps involved in product design.

Writing a design brief

A product brief is one of the most important steps in the design project. Writing a design brief helps clearly define the goals for your product and bring everyone involved in the design, up to speed, and designing with the same requirements in mind.

A guide to grant funding

A guide to applying for grant funding for product design projects through Innovate UK Competitions. Have a read through the best ways to approach these events.

Quality and Control

When you are designing a product, you must ensure that the product has met the standards of the countries that you will be selling it in. Different marks on the product, indicate to a consumer that it meets with compliance requirements, and that it is safe.

Cubik finalising the electronic assembly into products

Electronic compliance testing
and CE marking

There are different compliance rules in different parts of the world, so when a product is launched to market, it needs to be measured against the compliance requirements in each territory. Find out more about the testing your product requires here.


A prototype is an early version of a product used to test a concept which is a part of the development process. It’s a critical feature of any design process.

Cubik design assembling the finishing parts to the electronic design within a product

Electronic Prototyping

When it comes to electronics there are many times that you may need a prototype, but each of these have a different set of criteria and drive separate rationale.

Realise design measuring a product prototype model with calipers

Physical Product Prototyping

A prototype is a development tool. A way of thinking through problems and answering the many questions that inevitably arise when developing something new.