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Whilst aesthetics are important, the design of a good product is a much more complex, nuanced and iterative process. Starting with user-centred thinking, the product should offer the necessary functionality and intuitive use as well as being manufacturable for the target price point. Using optimal materials and components, they should meet the demands it will face, and so aid sustainability over its life-cycle.

Good design, for anything from consumer devices through to industrial equipment, can make the difference between a good product and a great one. Whatever stage you’re at, The Product Partnership can help turn good ideas into great products.

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Putting the user at the centre of our thinking, we help take ideas from concept, through the design process, to manufacture.

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Using a range of prototyping processes, we can create working prototypes through to finished, full-size display models in a wide range of materials.

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Our engineers design, build and program then test electronic systems for a range of industries. We can then manufacture for the final product.

Use web technologies to turn your IoT project ideas into a reality.


We are four leading creative technical agencies, each expert in our own area, collectively delivering the widest range of skills and capabilities to bring your product to life. Through an experienced single point of contact, you would be introduced to the people and processes from the whole group, enabling you to compete through better, more innovative products.



Providing a single point of contact, we will initially work with you at no cost to clarify your strategic design goals and then, if appropriate, introduce you to the parts of the partnership that can best help you get your product idea to market.

The Innovation Consultant at the Product Partnership, Huw Robson

Innovation Consultant

With a long career in technology innovation, from start-ups to years as Research Director at HP Labs, Huw has also recently worked with a range of SMEs across the South West to help them develop strong design strategy for new products.