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Newicon is your partner for IoT, software and innovation. They’re design-led, cross-platform software experts who specialise in ambitious IoT projects. Connecting people, products and information is key to Newicon’s process and success.


What is Software Design and Development?

If you’ve got an electronic device and are looking to develop an IoT solution, you’ll need software to connect that device to others and your network, and to manage those devices though controller apps and portals. By partnering with a software developer you can build custom software solutions to fit your unique needs. This could be controller apps for mobile. Or perhaps web-applications that manage and control these devices. Or it could be both, and more. With custom software, the opportunities are endless.


How to find the right software design and development partner

When you’re researching the ideal software partner, there are some important characteristics that you need to look out for in companies. 

First and foremost it’s important that you work with a partner that puts plenty of emphasis and effort into the design phase of the project. If a software company doesn't truly understand your needs and the needs of your customers and users, then you won’t get the best end product. 

After this, make sure to check that your software provider plans on future proofing and securing your software. The last thing you want is to be tied into working with any one provider for the foreseeable future. And securing the data that runs through your network is obviously a must.

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