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We design, develop and manufacture electronic products across a broad range of industry sectors for SME’s, corporations and emerging businesses. With our help, you can realise your electrical design and manufacturing objectives and bring new and innovative certified products to market.


What is electronic design and manufacture?

Electronic design and manufacture is a wide umbrella that includes many forms of expertise and caters for a number of industries and sectors. 

Whether you need a new connected device to build an IoT network, a measuring device that fits seamlessly into your current technology, or anything else that requires the custom design and manufacturing of electronic devices — you’re in the market for an electronic design and manufacture provider. 

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What to look for in an electronics design company

You know you need the help of electronic design experts, but how do you choose the right provider? 

First of all you need to make sure that your supplier has the right ISOs. Look for companies that are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and make sure that all work is carried out to IPC-A-610 standards. Then ensure that your provider offers the full range of services you need, from specification, design and prototyping through to software development, testing and production.

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