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Associate Members

Working together to improve the world

We've got an exciting development lined up for 2023, and it has the potential to transform access to business expertise in the South West (and beyond). So far TPP has been just the four partner companies promoting their "Joined up thinking" approach to product development, but shortly we will be adding in a small number of carefully chosen associates offering services that complement our main offering. The following blog post we'll give you a taste of what's to come...


Currently, the Product Partnership (TPP) is a cluster of four of the region’s leading product design and development specialists. For almost six years we have supported businesses large and small, along with serious start-ups, in getting their product concepts to market effectively with standout design, functionality and manufacturability.


Despite the breadth and depth of expertise the four partner companies currently bring to the table, often, additional support is needed. This is why we feel it appropriate to invite a select group of trusted specialists to become Associate Members of TPP.

Each Associate will cover a core area of competence and Associates will be picked to be complementary to TPP and each other with no direct competitive conflict. The Associates will be the “go to” first option should any of the partners want or need to recommend additional services.

This will drive more business over time to the Associates and further enrich the breadth of support businesses can expect if they approach TPP. We already have a wide range of trusted partners in place who we have worked with for many years. By offering them associate status we can help promote their services and provide a truly end-to-end service for startups, SMEs and enterprise customers alike.

Associate membership is by invitation only and extended only to a small and select group who we feel complement our existing offering and share our ethos.