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With a creative workforce, our strength lies in the diversity of our expertise. We work with everyone from start-ups to leading brands to solve problems and engineer beautiful solutions of incredible quality.

Prototyping is a vital stage in the development of any new product or design. We create simple card and foam models, through to mechanical test rigs and shape, colour and form evaluations, and ultimately fully functional, 100% accurate, pre-production versions of the finished product. Amalgam has over thirty years experience and a large team of creative, problem-solving makers to ensure the best and most appropriate path to production.

The director of Amalgam, Mike-Harvey




We have been producing high quality models and prototypes for top companies for well over thirty years. We know there is never a “one size fits all” solution and apply our experience individually to each project.


We have an extensive range of hardware, software, cutting edge machinery and facilities at our disposal. We also have an extensive network of trusted specialists to call upon, whatever the challenge.


At the core of Amalgam are our creative makers, engineers, technicians and problem solvers. Our core belief is that no matter how good the technology we use, it is our people, with their blend of knowledge, experience and skills, that are key to everything we do.

Amalgam developing a model prototype

About us

  • We are makers.

    This means we consider every project from a practical viewpoint. “How can this be made?” is always top of our priorities.

  • We are versatile.

    Our people are from a wide-range of creative backgrounds and are experienced in problem-solving, however complex the challenge.

  • We are trusted.

    By a huge range of clients – from SMEs to multi-nationals. Confidentiality and discretion is second nature to us.


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